I am a very detailed person and work in the building industry, so I do understand that products do change over time. My issue was finding a system that can evolve with technology and Sosimo was the only company that provided this.   From the beginning their knowledge surpassed my understanding on what they could achieve but after a little research on my part and a little education from Sosimo there was no holding me back. The end product was a very simple system with the sky being the limit. The real test was when I had friends stay over, I passed them the remote and within minutes they were saying, we want this in our home.    Thank you again to Sosimo, I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Pavlos (Redcliffs)


I chose SOSIMO for our new house home theatre and distributed AV as they were able to offer a future proofed system. Other suppliers of similar systems used “old technology” IR to control the system whereas SOSIMO system uses WiFi, reducing the need for line of sight controls. They were very easy to deal with, right from the initial contact and system design, through to installation, commissioning and training.  We were offered several stages to system completion so we could get the best of each stage.  Brett, Grant and John all made the process clear, simple and entertaining. Initially I was looking for distributed AV, so spent some time searching out the options and quickly found that SOSIMO were the most advanced in this area with being able to combine home theatre and automation also. The use of WiFi technology allows flexibility in options.  The design that was presented to us fitted with our immediate needs and for any future expansion.  The installation of equipment was quick and at each stage, they were willing to explain what each component was for. Following the initial installation SOSIMO have also told us how to get the best of the system by upgrading some of our own equipment.  They use quality equipment I am very impressed with all our dealings with SOSIMO and would unconditionally recommend them to anyone considering the distributed AV, Home Theatre, Home Automation system for their house – and one that is purpose built and future proofed

Peter - North Canterbury


We first met Brett Harvey of SOSIMO at a Christchurch Home Show where he was presenting an informative multimedia working display.  We were impressed enough at the time to follow through to the next stage and in doing so Brett did not let us down.  Our new home build was only a few months away from commencement at that time so we were obviously doing our homework to find a system similar to what was on offer here. We continued to work with Brett over a period of months as he designed a system that best suited our needs and price range.  At all times Brett showed us respect and professionalism and always carefully listened to what we were saying.  A bonus for us as busy people, was that Brett always came to us, so no running all over town for our meetings – even managing to enjoy a few “long blacks” with him along the way! When the install eventually commenced Brett kept us fully informed and worked alongside our other contractors respectfully and provided us with a home multimedia system that we are proud to own and with the ability to upgrade and add further components when we decide the time is right with minimum fuss, having had the necessary pre-wiring done in the beginning. We have no hesitation at all in recommending Brett and the SOSIMO team to others in the market for a complete multimedia home system. 

Joan - Cashmere